Making injections safer, easier and faster.

MiniBag System

COC/PCTFE flexible film, bonded, specially developed to store demanding liquids. The film is a high barrier, transparent, radiation sterilization stable, non-yellowing and FDA-compliant film.

COC/PCTFE offers a high barrier to moisture and aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbon species and excipients. Available in sizes starting at 2ml and reaching up to 30ml or even 50ml.



Inclusive filling gate and extraction gate

Drug format

Liquid, Lyophilized drug with reconstitution liquid, liquid drug with dilution liquid, or 2 different liquid drug for serial injection


Thin, free shape, light, unbreakable

Customization Process


Safety is key – starting by the safe preparation and administration of drugs to the prevention of needle stick injuries.


Making life easy for care givers and patients – by a full integration of all functions and parts.


Faster – less handling time required, all functions integrated.


Prof. Dr. Heinz Hänel, Sanofi Frankfurt

The Weibel CDS MiniBag flexible and small form factor pouch (Drug Container) has successfully undergone stability testing with different recombinant insulins and has shown performance characteristics comparable to glass.