Making injections safer, easier and faster.

LyCaJect – Patch Injector

LyCaJect is a cartridge-based patch injector including automatic reconstitution of lyophilized drugs fully in line with our motto of safer, easier and faster drug delivery.

Patch Injector

The system operates on a spring-loaded mechanism and includes our ANIS (automatic needle insertion system) for s.c. injections. The steel cannula is immediately after the injection retracted leaving only the soft cannula in the tissue. All functions and parts are fully integrated and the handling is intuitive not requiring the patient to perform any drug handling steps at all. The user unpacks the device which prompts automatically the drug reconstitution. After the device is patched to the body, usually the abdomen, the injection is executed by pressing a bottom.

For liquid drugs a less complex version has been developed providing a true alternative to conventional auto injectors. Making the whole procedure simpler and safer for the patient and guaranteeing a high level of patient compliance.


Compatible container

Cartridge 0.5 – 3ml

Drug format

Liquid, Lyophilized drug with reconstitution liquid, liquid drug with dilution liquid, or 2 different liquid drug for serial injection

Administration route

Sub cutaneous

Customization Process


Safety is key – starting by the safe preparation and administration of drugs to the prevention of needle stick injuries.


Making life easy for care givers and patients – by a full integration of all functions and parts.


Faster – less handling time required, all functions integrated.


Prof. Dr. Heinz Hänel, Sanofi Frankfurt

The Weibel CDS MiniBag flexible and small form factor pouch (Drug Container) has successfully undergone stability testing with different recombinant insulins and has shown performance characteristics comparable to glass.