Pharmapack 2019

Safer, easier and faster drug delivery – Weibel CDS AG develops and produces innovative, user friendly, application-oriented Injection Systems and Devices. Following our mission, all functions and parts needed are integrated into one product.

LyCaJect Patch Injector – incorporating fully automated reconstitution.

DrugDeliverySystem – Patch Pump ready to use, no transfer of drug required – also meeting the requirements of high volume, high viscosity applications.

SuperCapSyringe® – Advanced Safety Syringe – upgrades your vial to a prefilled syringe.

Reconstyringe® – first in offering fully automated reconstitution of lyophilised drugs. Like a Swiss watch, it runs through the full reconstitution cycle. Finally, the drug is drawn into a SuperCapSyringe® for injection.

MiniBagSystem – flexible, low formfactor primary packaging solution.

Filling Services – enabling a head start to test the MiniBagSystem with your drug including stability studies without the need to invest into any machinery.